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ruskies to find out about the location of the party. And for that matter, if we are to believe the Pentagon today that americablog, for example, is simply being

blocked for being a blog, then why is the prominent Republican blog, Red State, not blocked on the same Air Force computers that block americablog? We dont have victor is gay different parts of our site and neither does Towleroad. Reading americablog would risk national security. I suggested that gays and lesbians find another term to use. Post expressing my opposition to same sex marriage. The left wants to silence opposition at any cost. Perhaps the nicest thing I was called was a douche bag. A majority of the 450 comments posted on the Washington Post 's website were vitriolic, all because I expressed my opinion that we shouldn't mess with the definition of marriage. Home, gay, dOD says its banning gay blogs for national security reasons doesnt ban FRCs blog, Red State. One is gay and progressive, the other is straight and Republican. . Apparently, there is fine print involved. Filed Under: Chris Colfer, Gay Pride, News, Pennsylvania, Religion, tagged With: Chris Colfer, Gay Pride, Henry Cavill, Luke MacFarlane, News, Omar Sharif., Pennsylvania, Religion, Rugby. You can only add content to my blog by commenting. Here's a particularly striking attempt to silence me, which theresa may gay came all the way from Italy: If Maryland would approve the repeal (it is quite possible a setback) i (sic) think that every suicide of a gay young in Maryland (sic) will be caused a little. The anti-bullying champion proved to be very much a bully himself: "It's funny, as someone who's been on the receiving end of beatings that are justified by the Bible, how pansy-assed some people react when you push back.". It seems it's only supposed to get better for gays as long as you're not a conservative. Lets start with this claim by DOD: The Department of Defense does not block lgbt websites. His eyes were swollen shut by the beating, and he suffered a concussion along with neck and head lacerations. Personal pages and blogs are blocked in accordance with DoD policy allowing military commanders the option to restrict access to personal pages for operational security reasons. The left oftentimes seems incapable of tolerating any level of ideological opposition. I have my own example: I wrote an opinion piece in the Washington. And you can comment on Red State as well. They dont use a unified system, they have different censorship rules in different services and even different geographic locations in the same service, so its difficult for the right hand to know what the left hand is doing.

Gay blog

The DOD computers also blocks the gay stranger sucks porn blog of the Human black thug life gay Rights Campaign. And wanted to provide this statement. He is a fulltime volunteer working for GOP candidate Chad Lee. Not the specific sites themselves, whats really going on, i fear that whats really going on is two things. Which basically is the antiHRC, really, wood was unable to move the right side of his body immediately following Wednesday morningapos. Theres some homophobia and antiDemocratic bias going on here.

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A web page was created on a gay website with my picture. Over one hundred mostly vile comment postings. Additionally, and at last count, pay him free no mind, contradictory. All meant to intimidate and silence.

 Youve been informed that youre discriminating against gay content and Democratic content and your answer was to blow us off.In addition to being incredibly tone-deaf the Pentagon statement shows that DOD has no intention of rectifying the problem the statement is flat-out contradicted by the facts. And any time you tell the commanders that they can ban whatever they want in the name of operational security, the weakest among us and in DOD circles, thats gay and Democrats are going to be the first to suffer.


DOD says bans gay blogs for national security, doesn

Yet when he attacked the Bible, which offended many students in the audience, they walked out. Its because were all progressives, were all Democrats (at heart and a lot of us are gay.Daily Caller : "I was getting ready for work and there was a knock at the door Wood emailed the.”