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RAT. To spurt a stream of liquid JEU. To fasten with a pin (thin piece of metal) PIP. A layer of humus MOS plural of. An orifice ORB. To place a golf ball on a tee TEF. To reduce to confusion (also PIE;. (Scots.) a legal issue ISM. (Shakesp.) a leash (also lyme, lyam) M. (Scots.) to block DIV. Liar to be in a horizontal position (n. To hit or throw a ball high (n. To fasten with a wedge-shaped piece of metal GID. To join up in a school of whales GAN. Himself, herself, itself SUK. A molecular amount (also mole) MOM. The knave of clubs PAN. (Scots.) a grandchild OFF. To stop (also HO) HOI interj. To love LOW adj. A Jewish day (pl. To put on (clothes, etc.) DOO. (US) a man BOT. To exist WAT adj. An exclamation used sexing to startle someone (pl. The letter "L" ELT.

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