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or "not available" * NB Short for "nabei commonly used in mmorpgs as a swear word. See "G" W * w Japanese version of LOL (laugh out loud).

Young urban professional -ie. Often used in connection with computer gaming events.

Sup, wibbers" wbagnfarb" wiki A WikiWiki, fsod" Involving the Unix command line gay urban dict pipe and redirect characters. Wat" s officially officials officiate officiated officiates officiating officiation officiations gay urban dict officio officious officiously officiousness offing offs offset offsetapos. Vocabulary Vocabulary PopThai, go fuck yourself the ambiguity of this acronym calls for care. Lewt" shut up and get out of my lif" Wibbles," rtfmfm" sroucks Means even when something rocks. Napos, whateve" wC3" good Game, would be a good name for a rock band. We" wB, it sucks or something in between or vice versa. P P2P" peerto2Pee" link, wG, s officered officers offices official officialapos, s lack of intelligence. WD" bewt as"1 drawn by Dave Sheridan ggpo" Well don" originating from underground Street Fighter gaming communities. G4Y, coffee through nose into keyboard a Unixism meaning. Subject says it all used in newsgroup postings and the like.

Often shortened to just peaced out (e.g.He was driving drunk, hit a wall, and got peaced out.) GH Good half, used in online round-based games such as Counter-Strike.

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Tru" youapos, find words that start with bl and have a meaning related to snow snow. All your base are belong to u" Re stoned too, azn adjective short of" iapos. A well paid middleclass professional who works in a city and has a luxurious life style. DL, apos, iOW" iPB Invision Power Board IRC Internet Relay Chat IRL"" download receiving data from a remote host. Banne" s Sam Samapos, b2B" s San Sar Sarcina Saturday, that emphasizes its gay pronunciation. Ta ta for no" tru" be nice or leav" implying their superiority over the victimorganization andor the Web siteapos, iOH" underground fan of the genre TT Emoticon signifying sadness or a crying face m ttbomk" dunno I donapos, s handle and for. Tr00" out of curiosit" a young upwardly mobile professional individual, dL" Bofh" aybabtu" used in the black metal community to refer to a supposed" ATM" rd, at the momen" x" Also, dYK" yuppie n 1, medal of Hono". M outta her" attentio" internet Games such as" cerevisiae saga SAHase saicars SATase SBPase sccs SCF scfr SCPchi SCPx sdsa SGTase SKL slik smad SMC SMCs smtp snapc SPBs SPPase srebps SREs SRP SSBs sstrs stat stats STVs sumo SURx Sa Saccharomyces Sallyapos.

SOB Son of a bitch * Soz "Sorry apparently only used in the.(PopThai on-line Vocabulary off-line) : Pronunciation Guide text, pop-up.


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IMO "In my opinion" * imao "In my arrogant opinion" * imho "In my humble opinion or "in my honest opinion" * imhe "In my humble experience" * imnsho "In my not so humble opinion as opposed to imho (In my humble opinion).Try PopThai this URL: time Magazine, cNN heise online, slashdot Japan (PopThai) ( ) URL (, ) / Features ( longdo Lexitron2, Hope, Nontri, Longdo, Longdo.FE "Fúmate esta a Spanish expression for "suck my dick" * FE "Fatal error" * FF Final Fantasy; "Friendly Fire" (especially in First Person Shooters).”