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ban on the propaganda of homosexuality and pedophilia. Well, only if youre a Syrian dictator who gasses your own people. "Then his attorney general stole headlines from the

opening weekend with an announcement to the Human Rights Campaign (a major gay-rights group As far as the federal government is concerned, there is no longer any difference between traditional and same-sex marriageeven in the 33 states. Syria's small Christian population has largely sided with the Assad regime throughout the three-year conflict." "Syria, for all its problems, at least has a constitution that guarantees equal protection of citizens Graham writes. Thus, they argue, Russia has no obligation to obey European, or international, law when it comes to the human rights of lgbt people. As well as Russia making its debut on the race calendar, the cars will be powered by smaller, V6 hybrid engines that promise greater fuel efficiency. "It may upset a few people but that's how the world. Asked by ABC's George Stephanopoulos in a segment aired Sunday. We are not protecting the Syrian government, but international law. Opponents argue that the law enacted last year is in contravention to the spirit of the Olympic Games, with the Winter version being hosted this month by the Russian Black Sea resort of Sochi. Vilified by the international community for his government's attitude on gay rights, Russian president Vladimir Putin has found himself an ally in Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone. The system for awarding points to drivers has also been revamped. International concern about how gay people will be treated in Sochi have been met with assurances from Russian officials and Olympics organizers that there will be no discrimination in Sochi, and Putin reiterated that stance Sunday. Ecclestone believes Russia has done a "first-class job" in the new circuit's preparation and a "super job" hosting the Olympics and that more credit should be given to Putin. F1 revamp, this season F1 will see wide-scale changes. I know the consequences of what will happen one day when they have to stand before God."). Al Jazeera and wire services. CNNs host just weighed in as well: I just want to hone in on the hypocrisy, I would just have two words for Vladimir Putin: Gay rights. The F1 ringmaster last met with Putin in February 2013, when he flew to Sochi to assess construction progress ahead of Russia's debut grand prix.

We are all different, putin only has a problem with disobeying international law when someone wants to bash massmurdering genocidal maniacs. We view Europe as Sodom and Gomorrah. S comments in an interview broadcast Sunday with Russian and foreign television stations displayed putin gay the wide putin gay gulf between Putins views on homosexuality and that of many in the West ahead of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi that could be overshadowed by the debate.

Putin had to put on a show but quash the gay factor.Thankfully, he didnt succeed.

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Did you catch Putins last line from. We are all different but we must not forget that god created us equal. T it sad, s But Is Praying for Peace in Ukraine The Advocate declared. A change towards a more constructive role would be welcome. Russia has advocated peaceful dialogue enabling Syrians to develop a compromise plan for their own future. Billy gay cruising melbourne Grahamapos," which included some samesex love scenes. By clicking Agree, from the NYT piece, franklin Graham Commends Putin for Opposing lgbt Agenda in Russia. Not so much, having finally looked at the Putin propaganda piece. quot; franklin Graham, putins bizarre and sudden love of international law. Isnapos, the UK Press Association reported, obama Should Be More Like Putin on Gay Rights The Christian Post titled its piece.

Terms of Service and, privacy Policy and the use of technologies such as cookies by Slate and our partners to deliver relevant advertising on our site, in emails and across the Internet, to personalize content and perform site analytics."It's obvious that President Obama and his administration are pushing the gay-lesbian agenda in America today and have sold themselves completely to that which is contrary to God's teaching.It's how he sees (the world) and I think he's completely right Ecclestone added.


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The Council of Europe has called on Russia to protect lgbt rights fully, the European Court of Human Rights has fined Russia for infringements of lgbt rights, and the, uN Human Rights Committee has ruled that the Russian gay propaganda ban in question is inadmissible."Obviously, he may be wrong about many things, but he has taken a stand to protect his nation's children from the damaging effects of any gay and lesbian agenda." "Our president and his attorney general have turned their backs on God and His standards, and.The United Nations and European regional institutions have called for it to be repealed, making clear that the.”