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than everybody else, and is sort of an amalgamation of all the things hes gone through. . Brian Yorkey, our executive producer showrunner came up with that. . And

with the production, comes the star power in Christian Lee Navarro. Christian told me his thoughts on all of that, and then some. This is stupid but bothering me as I watch, trying to figure out how old. I become emotional when I talk about them because I am a loner by choice, and I think that when you live this lifestyle you sort of pick up and go, so it becomes hard to form long lasting relationships. . grabbed a cup of coffee, and sat down with me for one of the best interviews I have ever done. Jessica is more important at the close of the season because Hannah is going to have her vindication because her parents got ahold of the tapes and they are going to fight tooth and nail for her, but we still have the opportunity to right. How did each of you get through to the end and not fall apart? (Photo by Eric Charbonneau/Invision for Netflix/AP Images). Even if test just being able to pick up the phone and call Brian Yorkey and say. The relationships I do have are with my conservatory graduate friends, they are family as well. . As an out gay man, I was very happy with your character and what they did with. . Hannah was picked on relentlessly by everyone at the school, except for Tony. . For more information on Christian Lee Navarro, check out his Instagram. . Do you think the show couldve done more with your relationship with Brad? The 26-year-old plays the part of Tony in Netflix's hit 13 Reasons Why, and we are in love with him just as much as you are. Christian Navarro is the actor that stole our hearts and tugged at our mystery-loving souls. Netflixs wildly successful series 13 Reasons Why. He always made us feel good, and the bond we had for each other really helped us get through it all. Ideally, if there was a second season, I would love to see Tony sit down with Courtney and say, What the hell is going on?

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Hes just there a little earlier. That comes out next year, so I know you cant say anything. I think that the two of them are pure. We all get to that place. And we all know how gay club prague those things can play out in court. Whose prior acting credits include the HBO series. Do you think it needs a second season. I just filmed a movie with, vinyl, if you can describe in one word your overall feeling on the monster success of this show.

T know much about Tony so far. On one hand, because I wanted it to be surprising for everyone and yet everyone can go yeah and normalize it so we arent is christian navarro gay make it this big moment. We dug deep to find out more about the man who plays him hereapos. We have a real shot at going after Bryce. We had dogs on set for emotional distress and psychologists and therapists and experts that were there if we needed is christian navarro gay to talk.


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On a lighter note, I know you are from here in the South Bronx. .Yeah, its from the script during Clays tape.It was important to me to not fit into any stereotypes, I didnt want him to be defined by his sexuality. . We became a family from the first table read.”