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age are based on primary characteristics. Following this logic, the only way to extend 14th Amendment protections to those in the lgbt lifestyles is if these behaviors are genetically

mapped or otherwise discernible. Theres no equivalency there between the civil rights issue associated between those protected classes and the civil rights of someone who engages in a particular behavior, continues Clovis. Not all those who were once homosexual, and are now not, are the victims of the dreaded conversion therapy so regularly invoked in this context. He says the country needs to turn back to its Christian values. But there are wider implications of the strong characterisation of the Tribunals views as irrational or illogical. 15 I consider the Tribunals process of reasoning involves assumptions, pre-conceptions or pre-judgments which prevented the Tribunal from engaging with the claims of the appellant and her sponsor that their marriage was and is genuine and the material which supported those claims (such as the. In America, there has been strong support in our legal system to define marriage as between one man and one woman, Clovis wrote. What is to say that polyamorous arrangements should not be included? Businesses today have extended support to life partners in a number of ways. Robertson added: If you simply put your faith in Jesus coming down in flesh, through a human being, God becoming flesh living on the earth, dying on the cross for the sins of the world, being buried, and being raised from the deadyours and mine. Whats the logical extension of this? The Tribunal does not disagree that it may well be the case that some heterosexual men have homosexual desires, or vice versa, or that some people are genuinely bisexual. Certainly left-handers have more to bark about than most. Naturally, dating glaad is up in arms over Robertson's opinions - which he is entitled to under the Constitution. Are we going to protect polyamorous marriage relationships? So were being asked to provide Constitutional protections for behavior, a choice in behavior as opposed to a primary characteristic.

The White House did not respond to a request for comment. Dudes, what seems the most troubling about extending the definition of marriage to samesex couples is that gay it will be difficult to stop with this revised definition. By proceeding on the basis of this premise as if it represents a universal truth. He says he believed that if lgbtq people got such protections. Two of these classes religion and military have long been established in the traditions of the nation. Her Honour found that the Tribunals decision was so deeply infected by unjustified presuppositions about gay people in general.

If every homosexual in the world was heterosexual, the society wouldn t be losing some necessary component, whereas as if every hetero turned gay, we d be losing to ability to procreate.So the fact that homosexual desires exist is illogical, but seeing as they do exist, whether acting on them is logical or not is a different story.

Justice Jagot, must be free of government interference. So then we look at you totally different then. Based on the assumption that a person could never change their sexual orientation. That the only authentic and thus genuine relationship choice is one in which a persons choice of partner matches the persons assigned sexual identity from birth and any variation from this is necessarily inauthentic and thereby not. And if you cannot follow the logic then youre denying your in denial.

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"Phils decision to push vile and extreme stereotypes is a stain on A E and his sponsors who now need to reexamine their ties to someone with such public disdain for lgbt people and families said Cruz.Jagot J directs at 29 that the issue of the genuineness of their marriage be reconsidered by another member of the Tribunal, given her serious critiques of the logic of the previous decision.If indeed he does feel that he has reformed in that he now confirms with the role society expects of a man, which is to have a wife and children, then he clearly continues to see himself as a homosexual man, albeit one performing the.Their outing as homosexual is not a sudden or miraculous conversion, or matter of choice to become a homosexual man, even though it may be a choice to finally decide to finally put expression to who they believe they are and have been since they.”